About us


Our Mission:

LinkEd‘s aim is to provide charedi (Orthodox Jewish) schools with compliance and regulatory support and to strengthen the charedi education sector as a whole.


Like all Interlink projects, LinkEd is a direct response to a strong local demand for our services.

Charedi education, established more than two millennia ago and heavily influenced by traditional Torah values, is a prime institution of the charedi community.

Chazal (our sages) teach us: “The world exists only in the merit of the utterances of ‘tinokot shel beis raban’ – young children who learn Torah” (Tractate Sabbath 119:a). The Talmud further asserts that “One does not cancel the Torah study of young children even to build the Holy Temple”.

We are obliged to afford a solid foundation which provides opportunities in life and to enable the next generation to live rich and fulfilling lives as proud and upright citizens.

We know that a Torah-based education can provide all of this and more. Much more.

In partnership with the local authorities, the DFE and Ofsted, we strive to support an environment where charedi schools can thrive and exceed everyone’s expectations.

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